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Градинско оборудване
Градинско оборудване

Градински павилиони , комфортна почивка в двора

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Къмпинг оборудване
Къмпинг оборудване

Къмпингови мобилни контейнери РЕЛАКС БОКС , напълно готови и оборудване

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Mobile homes / Relax Box
Mobile homes / Relax Box

Преносими мобилни сгради РЕЛАКС БОКС , подходящи за бързо транспортиране и поставяне на всякакви терени  

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Детски площадки
Детски площадки

Детски комплекс ЛИА за деца до 10г.

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We sell perfection, so do not dream, but take your dreams!

At first, we want to congratulate all who have liked our products and want to assure them in the correctness of their choice, by listing the main advantages of the prefabricated houses: • Eco-friendly • Fast and clean construction method • High performance accuracy • High degree of thermal insulation • Independence from weather conditions • Earthquake resistance. Building a house is a complicated process, that takes into account the viewpoints of many sides.At the same time, the requirements of the clients, the specificity of the property, the legal requirements and the opinions of the specialists should be observed. In order not to repeat the tale of the eagle, the crab and the pike, we believe that when specifying the details, the following steps should be observed: • Obtaining an information about the property, where the house will be built, the status of the land, the available communications, etc. . • Assessment of investment intentions. • Introduction of clarity regarding to the purpose, appearance and architectural distribution of the building. Preparation of a conceptual design. The next step is to specify the following details: • Investment project, is it necessary, and if it is, who will prepare it in the parts which are needed for obtaining a building license. • Foundation - usually the task of building it, is for the client. We perform control over its implementation. In exceptional cases, we can perform the construction. • Degree of completeness and design characteristics. It is possible to specify the degree of completion beyond the standard, as well as some of the activities to be executed by the client on the basis of an additional contract. Construction of the structure is a result of our experience, but at customer's request, different parameters can be changed, in the tolerable limits of the technology. After clarification of all stated, a manufacturing contract is signed, which determines the prices, the deadlines for execution, the characteristics of the building and the ways of payments. The delivery and installation are performed, according to the terms specified in the contract. After completion of the finishing operations, the site is handed over to the client with a delivery protocol and the warranty periods begin. The legalization and receipt of the certificate of registration and commissioning, is done by a supervising company at an additional cost. Warranties should not be mistaken with service life. With normal use of buildings, their operating life, is the same as a standard massive building. The wooden structure in our prefabricated houses is placed under conditions of minimal contact with atmospheric conditions. It has been proven that in the absence of such influence, wood can endure forever. There are many houses with a wooden structure around the world, which are preserved more than 500 years old.

Prefabricated buildings

Prefabricated houses, built up with high quality materials in short terms. Available with completed water, sanitation and electricity systems.

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Children's facilities

Playgrounds, combined facilities, swings, slides, gazebos, cottages, basketball baskets.


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Relax Box

It is placed without building permits as a mobile object. Accomplished with everything necessary for complete autonomy.

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Used materials

The wooded materials used in the construction of our prefabricated houses is glued or wedge-shaped from coniferous wood BSH, KVH - white pine and spruce. Wooden beams are structural elements with a production length of 13 meters, that form the skeleton of the building, usually hidden behind the exterior and interior linings and not visible, except during the installation.

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Mineral wool

Mineral wool is used as a main thermal insulation material in our prefabricated houses. It is made of quartz sand and has a fibrous structure so that, it could be compressed and packed in rolls. After the roll is rolled out, the insulation returns to its original thickness and does not settle down during operation.

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OSB boards

OSB (Oriented Strand Boards) are manifactured by using long, thin, plywood-like particles. These particles are with a certain shape and thickness, which are pressed to a multilayer boards by using a bonding component.

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Used gypsum plaster boards

The gypsum plaster board consists of gypsum boards, which surfaces and long edges are coated with a special durable cardboard. For the wet rooms (kitchenette and bathroom) is used a green colored gypsum plasterboard, in which the gypsum core is specially impregnated against water absorption.

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Used gypsum fiber boards

The gypsum fiber is a construction board which consists of a compressed mixture of gypsum and cellulose fibers. Its surface is specially impregnated against water absorption. It lacks the special cardboard that the gypsum board is wrapped with.

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Technology and manner of work

The wooden structure in our prefabricated houses is placed under conditions of minimal contact with atmospheric conditions. It has been proven that in the absence of such influence, wood can endure forever. There are many houses with a wooden structure around the world, which are preserved more than 500 years old.


Electrical installation
It is executed by CBT double insulated conductors in the panels, and in special projects in fireproof corrugated hose. For power system and sockets 3 x 2,5 mm2, for lighting 2 x 1 mm2, for water heater and cooking stove 3 x 4 mm2, for supply to the box IP 54 3 x 6 mm2.

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Accessories and components

• Interior doors are MDF
• Entrance door - metal, PVC or aluminum with thermopanel
• Flooring - laminate, wood, terracotta or granite tiles

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