Prefabricated houses - Office B30 Office

Universal office container. The roof is sloped pentroofs filled with metal or shingles. The total area of the office is 30 sq. m2.

  • Internal distribution can be chosen by the client.

Fully equipped with plumbing and electrical parts. Floors  can be choose by the customer: laminate, tile, granite or engineered wood. Bathroom with vinyl wall and ceiling paneling or tiles. The price includes: contacts, lighting, kitchen, sanitary.

  •  Standard height of the rooms.
  • Delivered assembled or disassembled and assembled on site by us.

No need permits for placement

Mounted on a base or carrier grill (not included in price).



Technical data and Price

  • Catalogue №: B 30
  • Floors: 1
  • Square meters: 30
  • VAT is not included